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Two Trends We’re Watching in Automotive

The automotive industry is undergoing a transformation. Environmental pressures and rapid technological advancements are reshaping the landscape,

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Expeditors Wins 2017 Air Performance Award from GT Nexus [AWARD]

At the annual GT Nexus Bridges conference, Expeditors was awarded the 2017 Air Performance AwardThe council recognized Expeditors on their effors to "

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Regional Highlight: China

China is a major world player for global trade. China's imports and exports, as well as intra-China trade, has been continually increasing for years. 

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Moving Medicine

Expeditors' Brussels Temperature Controlled Warehouse

Few products are more critical to deliver safely and on time than pharmaceuticals. Here, logistics
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The Power of Logistics

The world is a more connected place than ever before. Supply chains crisscross the globe and demand is growing for products to be delivered to far-flung

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German Automotive in the Fast Lane

As technology transforms the automotive market, the need for smart logistics to manage complex global operations has never been greater.

In Germany, the

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Maintaining the Chain

Getting the perfect product quickly to your customers every time – wherever they are – requires real-time oversight and mastery of your supply chain.

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