The Power of Logistics

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The world is a more connected place than ever before. Supply chains crisscross the globe and demand is growing for products to be delivered to far-flung parts in a timely and predictable fashion. Consumers, fast growing accustomed to an “on-demand” economy, have shorter attention spans and lower tolerances for delay.

Greater demand, coupled with higher expectations, have created an ever-changing challenge for manufacturers. The opportunities presented by a wealthier world are plain to see, but myriad hurdles lie in the way of businesses wanting to sell materials and finished goods in new or emerging markets.

Growth sectors in countries like China, Mexico, and India are hard to access without the right infrastructure, so logistics is a central piece of the puzzle. Buyers, even in hard-to-access areas, need a consistent service and they insist on quality.

In this environment, efficiency, productivity, and visibility are all watchwords. Companies that adhere to these principles will enjoy better bottom-line results, while those who follow the old hit-and-miss operations of the past will find themselves out of pocket and, potentially, out of business.

This is true across all market sectors. For obvious reasons, life-saving medicines must get into the right hands on time. The same is true for vital automotive parts heading to a car manufacturer before a major production drive.

In aviation, airlines depend on the timely delivery of parts essential to the maintenance of aircraft. A plane grounded for lack of parts is a massive expense, and one that could cost a supplier its contract.

The fashion industry relies on materials and outfits arriving in time for major catwalk shows. A late delivery is the difference between success and failure for a new line of clothing. Meanwhile, major consumer-technology launches require stock in-store on the day of a big reveal to avoid queues of angry customers.

"A late delivery is the difference between success and failure..." 

Logistics is what makes all this happen; whereby myriad activities are orchestrated in symphony to deliver key outcomes. Expeditors works to make sure companies can deliver on their promises and avoid these catastrophic outcomes. The company has extensive experience serving large companies and uses this expertise to help smaller businesses deliver time and again, with bespoke solutions designed to suit growing organizations.

With Expeditors as a partner, companies can focus on growth and reach new customers around the world.

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Blog was originally posted on February 10, 2017 8 AM

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Erin Talbott

Written by Erin Talbott

2 minute read