How to Reduce Detention, Demurrage, and Dwell

Let me describe a situation that might be all too familiar.

You invest in some Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and other software to help understand

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The Three Rs of Supply Chain Resiliency

Part 1: Definition through the three (3) Rs of supply chain resiliency

The first of three editions of Expeditors Supply Chain Solutions blog on Supply

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Global Customs: Customs Evolving in Southeast Asia [PODCAST]

Southeast Asia is gaining more spotlight as a sourcing alternative and for its growing economies. Director of Customs in South Asia, Manal Sakr Bradnam,

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What is Delivery Management?

Typically, companies buy ocean transportation directly from a carrier or a NVOCC and then negotiate the service between points – port to port, port to

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Global Distribution: Automation and Improvements in Distribution [PODCAST]

As we wrap up this year, Senior Vice President of Global Distribution Bruce Krebs shares what's been going on in the distribution and warehousing world,

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Global Air: Capacity Crunch [PODCAST]

As if the woes around the semi-conductor chip shortage weren't enough, capacity has been in short supply these days as the global shipping crisis

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The Power of Logistics

The world is a more connected place than ever before. Supply chains crisscross the globe and demand is growing for products to be delivered to far-flung

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