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Global Customs: Customs Evolving in Southeast Asia [PODCAST]

Southeast Asia is gaining more spotlight as a sourcing alternative and for its growing economies. Director of Customs in South Asia, Manal Sakr Bradnam,

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Expeditors Expands in the UK [VIDEO]

Expeditors is relocating and expanding its distribution footprint with a brand-new facility in Bedford, England.

The new site is centrally

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Aviation: Digital Transformations with Digital Twins [PODCAST]

Digital twin is an exciting technology that builds an accurate representation of a real-life system, making it easy to test, verify, and implement

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Expeditors Expands in Atlanta [VIDEO]

Global supply chains constantly evolve, and Expeditors plans to keep pace in Atlanta by introducing its largest North American office and warehouse space

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Assessing Your Level of Supply Chain Resilience [PODCAST]

Pat St. Laurent, Vice President of the Strategy Group at Expeditors, shares his thoughts on the meaning of resiliency, agility, and the drivers that can

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30 Days Until the Change to UK Customs System

The current United Kingdom Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) is due to be replaced with the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) system.

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Global Healthcare: Keeping the Medicine Moving [PODCAST]

At the onset of the pandemic, it seemed the greatest spotlights were on two major industries: shipping and pharmaceuticals. In today's episode with Global

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