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Aviation & Aerospace: Conversions, Electrification, and the New Space Race [PODCAST]

Global Director of the Aviation and Aerospace Verticals, Marie Berner, gives an update on what's been going on with airlines lately as they make tough

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Global Trade - Free Trade Zones [PODCAST]

In this episode of The Expeditors Podcast, Wendy Armbruster, Regional FTZ Program Manager of the Americas, opens the lid on the history of free trade

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Supply Chain Solutions: The Digital Twin [PODCAST]

Digital Twin technology is making its way into the logistics space, and with it are new ways for organizations to experiment, prototype, and implement

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Ocean: LCL Consolidation and How Retail Stays Afloat

Less than Container Load (LCL) consolidation has been gaining a lot of traction lately as a way to continue the movement of goods while the ocean

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Project Cargo: Factory Relocations [PODCAST]

Whether it's growth, new strategies, duties, or strengthening your supply chain resilience, a factory relocation is a massive undertaking for any

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Global Logistics: Germany's Role in Europe [PODCAST]

Germany's attention to detail and precision can be found in the country's culture, exports, and in the case of this episode, logistics and

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Ocean: Shipment Schedule Integrity [PODCAST]


Ships are getting bigger, they're retiring sooner, and new developments are increasing capacity, efficiency, and speed to build these behemoths. So

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