Predictability and Increased Compliance Within Your Supply Chain

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Expeditors' Customs Brokerage Services and Delivery Management are two premium service offerings backed by a global network of knowledgeable experts. By combining these services for our customers, we create a program that will optimize routings, create predictability, reduce costs, and increase compliance in your supply chain.

We leverage Customs Brokerage and Delivery Management to provide our customers with benefits derived from our global network. When working together, we see how the services can assess, prepare, and implement streamlined processes. Our capabilities give your supply chain end-to-end visibility over all container and Customs activity.

As one of our core global offerings, Expeditors has operated as a Customs Broker for over 40 years. We offer Customs Brokerage services in addition to, or independent of, transportation services. Our team delivers quantifiable value to the supply chain through the development of innovative solutions that maximize return on investment. The foundation of our services includes:

  • A consultative approach to our customers.
  • Global capability with local expertise and dedicated resources.
  • Ensure compliance throughout the supply chain through monitoring controls and oversight.
  • Industry-leading technology, innovation, and system offerings.
  • Partner with Customs and our customers by actively participating in global strategic pilots and programs.

Delivery Management combines a centralized Expeditors management team with a collaborative visibility platform to provide end-to-end visibility from the time of the initial container notification through delivery and the empty return of the container. This managed solution is designed to provide oversight and active exception management to ensure containers move according to the plan. Delivery Management can help your supply chain:

  • Create predictability around the delivery process.
  • Plan for warehousing and labor capacity.
  • Plan for equipment and drayage capacity.
  • Prioritize critical containers.
  • Streamline data, visibility, and communication.
  • Mitigate controllable spend such as detention and demurrage.
  • Program is a managed service by a local Expeditors team.

Through technology and compliance, we deliver a centralized platform with streamlined processes to cut costs and manage data. Expeditors established processes for our Delivery Management and Customs Brokerage teams to make the most cost-effective, time-sensitive decisions based on business rules.

Please contact your Expeditors representative for more information.

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Blog was originally posted on March 13, 2024 7 AM

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Written by Expeditors

2 minute read