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Healthcare: Accelerating Temperature Controlled Technology

Unprotected general cargo is exposed to drastic temperatures every day. When it gets too hot out, how will you protect your temperature-sensitive

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Facility Highlights: GDP Certified Healthcare Facility in Belgium [VIDEO]

Shippers and consignees of regulated products face the challenge of finding a secure means of maintaining temperature control while in transit. However,

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4 Components of a Successful GDP Quality Management System [VIDEO]

Global GDP (Good Distribution Practices) guidelines, in addition to natural elements, present both known and unknown challenges for the healthcare

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Packaging Solutions for Your Temperature Sensitive Shipments

Summer days call for getting outdoors and enjoying the sun! However, summer weather also brings alarming spikes in temperature that may put your

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Expeditors' State of the Art Facility in Amsterdam [VIDEO]

In our ongoing quest to ensure our customers receive the best in class logistics services we continue to invest in our facilities across the globe.

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Our Pharma Hub in Brussels Will Help Shippers Meet Regulations [VIDEO]

In response to the ever-growing Good Distribution Practices (GDP) guidelines, Expeditors, in partnership with Aviapartner, has a strategic pharma hub at a

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How To Protect Your Temperature Sensitive Shipments [PHARMA]

Like the summer weather temperatures, risks to pharmaceutical products in the supply chain are on the rise. The increased requirement to record

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