4 Components of a Successful GDP Quality Management System [VIDEO]

Written by Andrew Lester
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Global GDP (Good Distribution Practices) guidelines, in addition to natural elements, present both known and unknown challenges for the healthcare industry on a daily basis. Central to any GDP compliance programme is the QMS (Quality Management System) that governs and dictates the processes and behaviours required to ensure compliance.

Watch our video below to learn more about GDP and see what processes we've put in place to assure continuous compliance with GDP guidelines. 


Packaging Solutions for Your Temperature Sensitive Shipments

The QMS covers many different aspects of managing compliance and some of the critical aspects are covered below:

1. Staff Good Distribution Practices (GDP) Training

Staff that is thoroughly trained in GDP will help support the integrity of your product throughout the supply chain. Having GDP compliance representatives at your company will help establish and maintain relationships with reliable GDP service providers. 

2. Robust Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) Process

CAPA processes are vital to consistently monitor the success of your quality management system. This will help reduce the risk of non-conformities and other unwanted situations. A robust CAPA process is not only key to identifying and fixing problems, but also prevents these problems from happening again. 

3. Efficient Temperature Monitoring, Control, and Mapping

Identify temperature risks within the proposed environment, therefore allowing the mitigation of all risks and close monitoring of higher-risk areas and low-risk areas.

4. Approved GDP Providers

Ensure your service level agreements are in line with current EU GDP standards, as well as auditing your service providers each year to ensure they are upholding their portion of the service provider agreement. 

Take a look at how our pharma hub in Brussels will help shippers meet  regulations 

The four key components above will help your company guarantee a healthy quality management system. 

Here at Expeditors, we understand the associated risks that healthcare managers face while transporting sensitive products in different geographies. We have over 100 certified GDP compliant experts, more than 5,000 staff who have had GDP training, and over 50 GDP temperature-controlled facilities across the globe.

Our regional Life Science Industry experts have developed a robust global GDP QMS. After numerous audits by our most stringent pharmaceutical customers and their internal quality teams, we have received the highest levels of compliance. 

Compliance can be complicated, but it doesn't have to be. Connect with one of our experts today. 

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Andrew Lester

Written by Andrew Lester

2 minute read