Kimberly Lovell

Since her start in the logistics industry in 2009, Kimberly has learned from and led product, regional, and project development teams. As Director of the Core Innovation program, she is part of a team chartered to research and develop innovative ideas into sustainable and scalable products, services, or processes that enhance Expeditors’ core business model. The Core Innovation team enables creativity and value by connecting ideas across our global network to the research and resources required to execute meaningful change. Based in our Raleigh-Durham office, Kimberly is passionate about customer-driven innovation and pushing the logistics industry forward.
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How to Reduce Detention, Demurrage, and Dwell

Let me describe a situation that might be all too familiar.

You invest in some Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and other software to help understand

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4 Ways to Save Money in your Supply Chain

For many years, I have been leading customer seminars where we play The Beer Game, a seminal experience used in supply chain education worldwide for at

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Introducing: Delivery Management

Delivery management is a new solution offered at Expeditors. There are steps in the freight forwarding process that can cause systemic issues at different

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What is Delivery Management?

Typically, companies buy ocean transportation directly from a carrier or a NVOCC and then negotiate the service between points – port to port, port to

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How Enhanced Container Tracking Improves ETA Accuracy and Supply Chain Visibility [VIDEO]

The unprecedented levels of supply chain disruption brought about in 2020 and the first half of 2021 have highlighted the need for forwarders

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