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Written by Kimberly Lovell
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Delivery management is a new solution offered at Expeditors. There are steps in the freight forwarding process that can cause systemic issues at different points of your supply chain. Here at Expeditors, we strive to take the extra steps to ensure your cargo is delivered timely, securely, and cost-effectively.

Delivery management is designed to manage container pickup, delivery, and return of containers. With intuitive dashboards and reporting systems, this solution is people managing technology to create processes that streamline container deliveries. Delivery management reduces or eliminates costs, increases visibility, provides accurate inventory levels, increases productivity and accuracy, and reduces unplanned carrier spending.

Delivery management can help your supply chain with:

  • Import and export drayage
  • Warehouse planning
  • Delivery or pickup scheduling
  • Storage 

Delivery management started with a mission to improve tracking cargo and accessible visibility, turning into a managed solution with top-tier technology. Through delivery management, Expeditors has assisted in numerous ways to help companies:

  • Update requested milestones, allowing complete customer visibility on cost-effective, time-saving solutions coordinating with various parties through electronic data interchange (EDI).
  • Leverage supply chain strategies to align with purchase orders, order consolidation, and overall delivery process. 
  • Attain complete visibility for inbound and outbound containers, including port arrival, empty container return, day-specific ETAs, and accurate, organized data in our systems.

With data, people, and optimal processes, Expeditors has created a solution that will improve cost, timeliness, and detail management to reflect each company's supply chain. We continue to help our customers maximize their fullest potential and leverage their supply chain. Delivery management is clear, concise, and well organized, with the power of our team and our logistics to ensure the quality results. 

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Blog was originally posted on November 1, 2022 7 AM

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Kimberly Lovell

Written by Kimberly Lovell

Since her start in the logistics industry in 2009, Kimberly has learned from and led product, regional, and project development teams. As Director of the Core Innovation program, she is part of a team chartered to research and develop innovative ideas into sustainable and scalable products, services, or processes that enhance Expeditors’ core business model. The Core Innovation team enables creativity and value by connecting ideas across our global network to the research and resources required to execute meaningful change. Based in our Raleigh-Durham office, Kimberly is passionate about customer-driven innovation and pushing the logistics industry forward.

2 minute read