German Maut Changes: When and What to Expect

The German Maut, officially known as the Infrastructure Usage Charge (Infrastructure Levy), was introduced to finance and maintain Germany's extensive

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LCL Services Across Europe

Expeditors offers a variety of LCL solutions to help you achieve predictability and reliability within your supply chain. 

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Part 3: Characteristics of a Resilient Supply Chain

We concluded last week’s blog with tools and approaches to identify key areas of supply chain vulnerability. This week we dive deeper into ways to achieve

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Part 2: Developing a Resilient Strategy

In last week's blog, we described the three legs of the stool in a resilient supply chain:

Resist: The ability of a supply chain to reduce the time

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Part 1: The Three Rs of Supply Chain Resiliency

Part 1: Definition through the three (3) Rs of supply chain resiliency

The first of three editions of Expeditors Supply Chain Solutions blog on Supply

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Introducing Expeditors' New Facility in Brussels

We continue to invest in our infrastructure in a fast-growing market and ongoing demand from our customers. Expeditors BRU, in the heart of Europe, opened

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