Supply Chain Insights Powered by Customs Data [VIDEO]

Written by Dave Knowlton
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How do you influence your organization’s decisions on sourcing? What information do you utilize to ensure you are following all applicable rules for importers and exporters? Do you have a plan to mitigate unnecessary shipping delays? Are you achieving peak financial performance? In today’s strained shipping environment, it is important that you can confidently answer these questions and many others about your organization’s supply chain.


Understanding how compliance impacts your global business strategy, where your supply chain activity is today and will be tomorrow, whether you are operating in a compliant manner in all countries where you are doing business, and how delivery to your customers is impacted in the current market are all dependent on one thing: data. Complete, accurate, timely, and consolidated data.



You likely receive reporting from your various global suppliers and customs brokers, but is this data useful and trusted? Consolidated and consistent information is key to your ability to monitor global activity with various customs regimes and make decisions that affect customer deliveries and future activities.


We can offer you consistent, reliable customs declaration data and reporting to empower your business. Contact your local Expeditors office today to discuss how to optimize a customs strategy by leveraging data insights.


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Blog was originally posted on December 14, 2021 6 AM

Topics: Supply Chain, Customs, Data

Dave Knowlton

Written by Dave Knowlton

2 minute read