Expeditors Expands in Nuremberg [VIDEO]

Global supply chains constantly evolve, and Expeditors plans to keep pace in Nuremberg by introducing its new 1000+ square meter warehouse at the

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Navigating UK Exports: Customs Declaration System (CDS) Updates

The current United Kingdom Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) will be replaced by the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) system. His

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Customs Brokerage Services Across North Asia

Expeditors has provided customs brokerage services in the North Asia region for many years and has grown to over 50 offices in the region. We are a

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Effective Supply Chain Management in India

It is widely recognized that the success of any supply chain relies heavily on its last-mile delivery, whether it involves international movements or

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How Customs Data Can Benefit Your Business

Automation of customs declarations is a trending topic in the Trade. Declaration details are collected from a multitude of sources, including

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Preparing for a UK Customs Audit

It has been over two years since the UK left the European Customs Union. With that, the learning curve has been challenging for all involved. Read More

Customs Brokerage Services Across South Asia

Expeditors has served as a customs broker in the South Asia region for over 30 years. We deliver a compliant, consistent, knowledge-based approach for all

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