Mexico Publishes Countervailing Duty Final Administrative Review Results on Steel Wire Rods from China

Posted by Arturo González on 1/31/23 5:00 PM

On January 19, 2023, in the Diario Oficial, Mexico’s Ministry of Economy published the final administrative review examining the validity of the countervailing duty imposed on imports of steel wire rods originating in the People’s Republic of China. Countervailing duty of USD 0.49 per kilogram will remain in force for five years from July 29, 2021. It is applicable for goods classified in statistical breakouts 7213.10.01, 7213.20.01, 7213.91.03, 7213.99.99, 7227.10.01, 7227.20.01, and 7227.90.99; and it is also applicable to imports under the Eight Rule covered in statistical breakouts 9802.00.01, 9802.00.07, 9802.00.13, 9802.00.19, and 9802.00.23. Importers are not obligated to pay the countervailing duty if they provide evidence that demonstrates that the steel wire rod originates in a country other than China. The resolution entered into force the following day of publication.

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