Malaysia Upgrades ACFTA

Posted by Matt Schmitt on 7/30/19 5:00 PM

On July 17, 2019, the Malaysian Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) announced the implementation of upgraded protocol for the ASEAN – China free trade agreement (ACFTA).

ACFTA members have agreed to implement revised Rules of Origin (ROO) text, revised Operational Certification Procedures (OCP), Product Specific Rules (PSR) in Harmonized Schedule 2017, and revised Preferential Certificate of Origin Form E. The revised Form E will require ISO A4 white paper instead of the current 3-ply beige and light green form. Additionally, all current cost analysis (CA) approved under the ACFTA scheme will only be valid until July 31, 2019, due to changes in the ROO requirements.

The changes will begin implementation on August 1, 2019, subject to the readiness of other member states.


The announcement may be found here:

A summary of changes can be found here:

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