Highlights of the EU’s 12th Package of Sanctions Against Russia Affecting EU Importers

Posted by Marta Gargallo on 1/4/24 5:00 PM

On December 18th, 2023, the European Union Council adopted the 12th package of sanctions against Russia, Regulation (EU) 2023/2878, which amended Regulation (EU 833/2014.

Among other amendments to the EU’s sanctions against Russia, Regulation 2023/2878 amends Article 3g, which establishes the prohibition to import or purchase, “directly or indirectly, iron and steel products listed in Annex XVII processed in a third country incorporating iron and steel products originating in Russia.” The amendments to Article 3g include information that is particularly relevant for importers into the EU, as follows:

  • The prohibition periods for some specific Combined Nomenclature Numbers (CNs) are extended to April 1, 2024, for code 7207 11, and October 1, 2028, for codes 7207 12 10 and 7224 90.
  • Switzerland and Norway are listed as partner countries. Iron and steel products imported from these countries will not require evidence of the country of origin of the iron and steel inputs used for the processing of the product in a third country.

Regulation (EU) 2023/2878 can be read in full here:

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