CBP to Host TFTEA Drawback Support Calls in Support of February Transition

Posted by Matt Schmitt on 2/6/19 5:00 PM

On February 24, 2019, the electronic filing of Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act (TFTEA) drawback claims will become mandatory, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in Cargo Systems Messaging Service (CSMS) #19-00039.

In support of the transition, CBP will host several support calls the week before and after the transition to answer questions and concerns from the trade. The calls will take place at 2:00 PM EST on Tuesday, February 19, Friday, February 22, Monday, February 25, and Friday, March 1.

CBP directs additional questions to OTDrawback@cbp.dhs.gov and for technical issues, to contact the ACE Support Desk at ACE.Support@cbp.dhs.gov or (866) 530-4172.


The call in details may be found in the CSMS here:


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