Change to Customs Declaration Service in United Kingdom

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Churchillian Thoughts on European Customs Valuation

The current United Kingdom Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) is due to be replaced with the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) system. The timeline indicated by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is to be made in two phases:

  • 30th September 2022 for import submissions
  • 31st March 2023 for export submissions

To prepare for a smooth transition from CHIEF to CDS in September, below are links to the HMRC website, where details on CDS requirements can be found. This will allow your business to become CDS ready. Your local Expeditors branch representative will also be able to discuss the CDS requirements to ensure a smooth transition.


Register for a government gateway account

Click here to register

  • Register if you haven't already done so before applying for CDS access
Register for CDS access  Click here to begin your access request for CDS
  • Government gateway user ID and password
  • EORI number for GB
  • Unique taxpayer reference (UTR)
  • National insurance number (if you are an individual or sole trader)
  • The date you started your business
Provide updated authority numbers to Expeditors (where applicable) Via your CDS account 
  • Follow the below guidance of what we may require and provide this to your Expeditors contact

Customers claiming duty or vat relief:

Provide Expeditors with the additional procedure codes

Additional procedure codes
  • Provide Expeditors with the additional procedure codes


Once you receive confirmation of registration, you will receive access to cash account payment or a deferment account, this access will allow for management of that account.


Register Direct Debits for Deferments

  • If you are utilizing your deferment account under CDS, you will need to create a new Direct Debit (Do not cancel your existing CHIEF Direct Debit). This is done via logging into the government website for the business within the financial accounts section.
  • If the importer is going to use their CDS cash account to make payments, then details of that authority number needs to be provided to Expeditors.
  • Customers who operate under deferment will need to authorize Expeditors to utilize their deferment on a standing basis. The authorization is undertaken by accessing the government account for the trader in the financial accounts section.
  • Customers claiming Duty and or VAT relief against available schemes must provide Expeditors with the additional procedure codes required to be declared on the entry. Please refer to the CDS tariff procedure codes.

If you have existing authorizations in CHIEF for the below, they will have new authorization numbers
in CDS.

  • CFSP (SDP and EIDR authorizations)
  • Inward Processing
  • End-Use/Authorized Use
  • Outward Processing
  • Temporary Admission
  • Customs Warehousing & Excise Warehousing
  • Applicable Guarantee details, or where applicable confirmations that waivers exist

Your existing authorizations will be automatically migrated to CDS. To understand what your authorization number is for each regime please visit for more information.


Where goods are moving via GVMS ports, details of the EORI number for the Hauliers or name (if
EORI is not known) must be provided to Expeditors to allow for this to be included as an AI
statement (code RRS01).


For more information on HMRC, CDS, and other useful links, please see our Customs Declaration Service Guidance flyer.


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Written by Expeditors

5 minute read