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Surviving in today’s fiercely competitive business environment requires ongoing evaluation and fine-tuning of the operating model in response to changing market conditions and company business strategies. The companies that will be best positioned to sustain profitable growth are those that leverage their supply chain as a competitive advantage. Expeditors Supply Chain Solutions group offers a wide array of solution design services that help our customers transform their operating model and harness the power of their supply chain. The Supply Chain Solutions group is comprised of experts in all aspects of supply chain management, who devote their time to helping customers extract higher levels of performance from their supply chains through a broad range of projects. Our engineers are equipped with sophisticated modeling, optimization and simulation tools and have extensive knowledge in data analysis and modelling.

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Part 3: Characteristics of a Resilient Supply Chain

We concluded last week’s blog with tools and approaches to identify key areas of supply chain vulnerability. This week we dive deeper into ways to achieve

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Part 2: Developing a Resilient Strategy

In last week's blog, we described the three legs of the stool in a resilient supply chain:

Resist: The ability of a supply chain to reduce the time

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Part 1: The Three Rs of Supply Chain Resiliency

Part 1: Definition through the three (3) Rs of supply chain resiliency

The first of three editions of Expeditors Supply Chain Solutions blog on Supply

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