An Outside Perspective: CooperVision Testimonial

Written by Ian Mallison
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How often are you provided the opportunity to take a step back and look at your business strategy from a different angle? Do you sometimes wonder what opportunities an outside perspective may see?

In a fast-paced world of supply chain management, it can be challenging to see other perspectives of your processes. CooperVision is a global leader in contact lenses, with major manufacturing sites around the world, looked to achieve exactly that. Given their expansive supply chain, high volume of historical data and regional carrier preferences, they felt it was best to seek outside expertise to support them with a global transportation bid. That's when Supply Chain Solutions stepped in to help.

By leveraging our team of experts, CooperVision was able to evaluate and understand the trade-offs associated with different carrier offerings. This incorporated various routings, transit times and pricing. Further, they were able to utilize the Supply Chain Solutions simulation and modeling capabilities to understand the projected costs not only by each carrier, but also against the historical baseline for improved financial forecasting.

As this major strategic project concluded, CooperVision was able to complete their negotiations, align their various stakeholders across the globe, and achieve millions in realized savings. 

Is an outside perspective needed for your business? The Supply Chain Solutions team can help you take your analytical capabilities to a new level. For more information about our team and service offerings, contact us below. 

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Blog was originally posted on September 20, 2023 7 AM

Topics: Supply Chain, Digital Twin

Ian Mallison

Written by Ian Mallison

In the role of VP Supply Chain Solutions, Ian Mallison leads a global professional services team that helps customers and clients achieve improved performance in their supply chains through advanced analytics and collaboration on a range of different types of improvement projects. In order to assist their customers, the Supply Chain Solutions team creates digital representations of the supply chain, constructed in a virtual environment that allows for ongoing examination, validation, and projection of future states. Truly innovative organizations are already leveraging these services in order to transform their supply chains with confidence, align their supply chain strategy with their business strategy, and turn their supply chains into sources of competitive advantage.

3 minute read