Shanghai Covid-19 Update: May 26, 2022

Posted by Expeditors on May 26, 2022 7:39:08 AM

As of 10:00am May 26th, Shanghai reported 57,867 positive cases (48 new cases) and 590,803 asymptomatic cases (290 new cases) since March 1st, 2022.  

For full details regarding how Ocean, Air, Ground, and Customs are affected by Shanghai's COVID outbreak, see Expeditors' updates here.

Shanghai officials announced the next steps of the prevention and control measures, which are divided into “three stages”:

1st Stage: From now to May 21st, orderly opening of “precautionary areas” to keep a lower level of social activity.

2nd Stage: May 22nd to May 31st, continue to narrow the scope of “Controlled areas” & “Locked-down areas”. Implement normalized prevention and control measures and classification management. Continuously narrow the scope of locked-down & controlled areas. Implementation of a closed-loop operation for work resumption

3rd Stage: Jun 1st to mid/late Jun, fully resume normal production and life with normalized prevention and control management. If there are no locked-down or controlled areas, the area can be regarded as a low-risk area. Businesses will resume work and production gradually under the government’s approval.

Students in senior grades 2 and 3 will return to school starting June 6th. Students in junior grade 3 will return to school starting June 13th. The other grades will continue to study online at home until the end of the semester.


Check here for the latest information regarding the current outbreak of new coronavirus in Shanghai.


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