BREXIT - UK Announces that No Extension of the Transition Period Will be Sought

Posted by Alan Owen on 6/12/20 5:00 PM

In a press release issued on 12 June 2020, the Government of the United Kingdom announced that the transition period scheduled to end on 31 December 2020 will not be extended.  According to the press release, customs controls for importing goods will be introduced in three stages over a period of six months:

  • Beginning 1 January 2021, traders will need to meet basic customs requirements and will have up to six months to submit customs declarations for those goods.  Customs duties will be liable on imported goods but the payment of the duty can be deferred until the customs declaration is submitted. Arrangements will need to be made in order to account for import VAT.  Traders importing controlled goods will be required to complete full customs declarations when the goods enter Great Britain. There will be no requirement for safety and security declarations to be filed in the first six months after January 2021.  Imports of live animals and high-risk plants and plant products will need to be pre-notified and be covered by health documentation beginning 1 January 2021, and these imports will be subject to checks.
  • Beginning 1 April 2021, all products of animal origin (meat, milk, honey, eggs, etc.) and controlled plants will require pre-notification and will need to be covered by the relevant health documentation.
  • Beginning 1 July 2021, traders will be required to make full customs declarations and pay customs duties at the point of importation. Safety and security declarations will be introduced and increased physical checks will take place on the import of animals, plants, and their products.

The government is working closely with the border industry on developing these new procedures and a border operating model will be published in July 2020.

The press release can be accessed on the following link: 

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