What is a Pop-Up Shop?

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Pop Up Shop

Simply put, a pop-up shop is a small retail venue with a short, pre-determined open and close date. Brands use these petite retail spaces to “pop up” in a location one day, and then close down anywhere from that same day to several weeks later.

Pop-up shops help brands generate interest and test products or services while assuming less risk than opening a larger retail location.

The pop-up shop model allows retail companies to create a unique environment, where existing and potential customers can experience brands in an interactive way.

The “shops” can come in the form of a dedicated section or corner within an existing retail store, or take over an entire brick-and-mortar location for a period of time.

For example, marketing teams can use pop-up shops within their own stores to highlight a product launch or assortment of seasonal items.

Similarly, new or online-only companies can collaborate with more established brands to develop a space where like-minded consumers currently shop.

What you need to ensure your pop-up shop is successful:

  • On-demand customer service
  • Ability to speak to a live customer service representative, not a chat bot or prerecorded message
  • Dedicated personnel who are familiar with their specific account and project
  • Time-sensitive requests - Limited timeframes to load into pop-up spaces
  • Time-specific deliveries to coordinate with other vendors and project managers
  • Quick turnaround time to load out of locations
  • Street or curb deliveries as opposed to a traditional loading dock or receiving areas
  • Multiple laborers to quickly move fixtures, displays, and products into and out of locations
  • Dedicated trucks to move mobile trailers or stores that are on wheels

Make sure that you are working with a strategic partner that knows the ins and outs of successful execution when you are planning your next pop-up shop.

Reach out to Expeditors to ensure your next pop-up shop set up is a success. 

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Written by Expeditors

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