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Written by Stefan Hackett
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Scaling up and implementing are some of the most exciting and challenging times for start ups. To be successful at this stage, one of the things that you have to streamline is your supply chain. Expeditors’ Start Ups Team is experienced in building supply chains for all industries and products to help set up you and your company for long-term success. Keep reading for five reasons why Expeditors is the superior choice for a start up's supply chain strategy development.



  1. Breadth & depth of services offered – Distribution, Transportation, Documentation, Insurance, Customs – We’ve got it all and the expertise to do it right.
    For over forty years, Expeditors has worked to build out and refine our service offering, providing a holistic suite of supply chain services. Our globally consistent processes enable us to port customer programs across regions so that our customers can provide a consistent experience to their clients globally.

  2. Start up Strategy Specialists – A team of experts to support with experience working with start ups.
    Expeditors has partnered to support some of the world’s largest and most dynamic companies. From pre-IPO through hyper-growth phases to product maturity cycles, Expeditors has the experience to enable support for each segment of the business cycle. Leverage our best practices to create a competitive advantage that enables growth over time.

  3. Extensive network – Wherever your goods need to get to or from, we can help.
    Our customers can easily expand their network because our network is at scale and healthy. Our organic approach to expansion has allowed us to build a global network that provides quality capacity to our customers.

  4. Experience in Compliance – We’re aware of the ins & outs to make sure you’re doing things the right way.
    Expeditors has always placed a premium on compliance. Trade Compliance is woven into all of our operational processes to ensure both Expeditors and our customers are protected globally.

  5. Scalable – Peace of mind from knowing you’re working with a provider that can still meet your needs as you grow.
    We aim to become a valued long-term partner by helping to optimize and then stay optimized over time. Our customers’ ability to utilize all of Expeditors' services across the network enables them to scale with less investment.

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Blog was originally posted on April 18, 2022 7 AM

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Stefan Hackett

Written by Stefan Hackett

Global Sales Executive

3 minute read