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Written by Pat Roche
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When weighing the decision of shifting your product sourcing, the task can be daunting. Relocating manufacturing from one country to another requires precise planning and constant oversight in order to reduce risk and potential negative exposure.

Whether a production line is moving from China to Europe, or India to South Asia, our experience handling such projects equips us with the knowledge, capability, and confidence required for successful execution. By developing a structured process and utilizing the power of Expeditors’ reputable network, we have overcome even the most complex of product sourcing changes. Expeditors Project & Energy Services comprises a global team of experts ready to tackle factory relocations and manufacturing changes.

What does the relocation of your production line look like?

Our Project & Energy Services teams manage the communication and project from beginning to end, while utilizing Expeditors’ core products to provide transportation and our Customs teams to handle the complex requirements of compliance. Our compliance program is unmatched – we have specialists who follow sourcing, customs, trade updates, and regulatory changes in real-time. This allows us to act immediately should changes occur that may impact your relocation.

At its most basic, the process can be broken up into two parts – export handling and import handling. However, within those two parts are multiple services that Project & Energy Services can manage:

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Although the process can be broken down into relatively simple steps, each has its own set of challenges and requirements. Throughout the entirety of the relocation, each phase is documented, communicated, and reported back in real-time to all stakeholders for transparency.

Why Project & Energy Services?

Our global footprint ensures we have experienced project management personnel at origin and destination, as well as a consistent process from start to finish. This supports constant communication and keeps the process organized, mitigating any timely or costly delays.

We have managed countless plant relocations and new production line installations around the globe. Our experience in handling these projects equips us with the knowledge needed to successfully set up new sourcing, decreasing the amount of time your product line is down.

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Blog was originally posted on March 11, 2020 8 AM

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Pat Roche

Written by Pat Roche

With over 25 years of experience in the logistics industry, Pat Roche runs the Project & Energy Services group at Expeditors. Since graduating from the NY Maritime Academy, Pat’s experience ranging from maritime operations to logistics management, on both the shipper and forwarder side, made him the ideal candidate to build a project focused group within Expeditors. He has spent the past 12 years growing a global team of project subject matter experts and has embedded them within 40 Expeditors offices around the world. The team continues to grow today in order to properly accommodate and manage this extremely complex arena of the transportation industry. In addition, Pat’s personal experience as a Navy veteran drives him to lead the company’s military recruiting effort, Opportunity Knocks for Veterans.

2 minute read