Recognition of El Paso's FTZ No. 68

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In a recent publication of the Business Facilities magazine, The City of El Paso's Foreign Trade Zone is being lauded as one of the busiest and most successful Foreign Trade Zones in the United States. The Foreign Trade Zone No. 68 administered through the El Paso International Airport is recognized in the magazine's 2015 Economic Development Awards with the Achievement in Foreign Trade award.

"We are honored to be recognized by Business Facilities, a leading site selection and economic development publication. FTZ No. 68 prides itself in its integral role in facilitating trade for the El Paso region," said Monica Lombraña, Director of Aviation for the El Paso International Airport.

The magazine is honoring the Foreign Trade Zone No. 68 for being an integral part of El Paso's regional and international investment strategy, providing a business platform for domestic and foreign trade to prosper in the region.

Expeditors was the first company to operate a Subzone facility within The City of El Paso's service area of FTZ No. 68. The Expeditors FTZ in El Paso was activated in August 2013, and began operations in early 2014. Expeditors activated three additional buildings in El Paso through Westport Economic Development Corporation, FTZ No. 150.

Expeditors' FTZ services are unique in the breadth of operations, management support, number of locations, and systems allowing our customers the ability to reduce, defer, or eliminate duties and taxes. Our full range of FTZ services include transportation, customs brokerage (admissions, entries, in-bonds, activity permits, surety bonds, and messenger services), order management, distribution, and delivery services.

As a logistics provider, we have the largest network of U.S. Foreign-Trade Zone operations in the United States with locations in Atlanta, Chicago (three sites), Dallas, El Paso, Los Angeles (two sites), San Francisco and Seattle. Please let us know how we may be of service to you.


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Erin Talbott

Written by Erin Talbott

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