Managing the Complexities of Denied Party Screening

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In today’s complex and ever-changing global environment, trade compliance is critical. One area of trade compliance applicable to all persons and companies involved in the flow of goods relates to laws and regulations that prohibit interaction with “restricted” or “denied” parties.  

Denied or restricted parties are persons, entities, or vessels that have violated export regulations or have been deemed a threat to national security. Governments (such as the U.S., Canada, Japan, and Switzerland), as well as intergovernmental and supranational organizations (such as the United Nations and European Union), all maintain different lists of these parties and have prohibitions on transactions with them. Further complicating matters, the information comes in different forms and is updated constantly. 

Denied party screening is of critical importance in shipping and international trade and essential for minimizing business risk. Failure to comply with denied party laws and regulations may lead to fines, penalties, loss of export privileges, and reputational damage. 

To avoid transacting with denied or restricted parties, Expeditors developed a comprehensive in-house solution. At the heart of our solution lies an extremely powerful screening engine. It is capable of screening more than 2 million entity names associated with the transactions we handle for our customers. The highly configurable workflow and settings are constantly fine-tuned using sophisticated algorithms and matching techniques. 

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As a company committed to maintaining compliance with all applicable regulations, Expeditors devotes significant resources to strengthening the screening algorithm and ensuring it runs efficiently. Coupled with the expertise of dozens of trained compliance personnel around the world, our operational systems are fully integrated with our screening application to help prevent transactions related to denied and restricted parties, in real-time.

By working with a trusted partner that brings both innovative systems solutions that facilitate trade and people with expertise in regulatory processes and reliable operational execution, our customers benefit from knowing that their shipments are not at an increased risk of involving a denied or restricted party.

And that will help keep your supply chain moving with the compliance and speed you must have.


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Sue DiDomenico

Written by Sue DiDomenico

2 minute read