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In today's ever-changing ocean market, shippers and importers face numerous challenges. Shippers strive to maintain control over their goods as they leave the port, while importers seek stability and reliability in managing the transportation of their cargo from beginning to end. This is why Expeditors offers the option of combining three stand-alone ocean services into one seamlessly integrated end-to-end solution. Total Container Management is a unique managed service enabled by technology, providing unparalleled visibility throughout the entire shipment journey.

By combining Carrier Allocation, Order Management, and Delivery Management, shippers can efficiently plan and predict the movement of their goods, ensuring they are assigned to the most suitable ocean carrier and optimal sailing schedule, while also securing the necessary capacity in advance.

How do these services work together?

  • Carrier Allocation ensures that goods are delivered to the intended destinations at the right time by carefully considering various factors such as cost, transit time, and reliability.

  • Order Management handles the coordination of shippers' vendors and bookings at origins. Shippers make optimal plans, and then the origins make bookings accordingly to ensure the goods arrive on schedule.

  • Delivery Management utilizes the optimal plans and shipment information to proactively schedule drayage (short-distance transportation) before the vessel arrives, ensuring smooth and timely final delivery.

End-to-End Visibility Graphic

Each service can stand alone, or seamlessly integrate to improve the process of planning, booking, and delivery. Backed by industry experts who understand the nuances of international container movement, Total Container Management is service provider-neutral and available to all.


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Blog was originally posted on September 27, 2023 7 AM

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Written by Expeditors

3 minute read