How Warehouse Robotics Benefit Our Customers and Personnel [VIDEO & INFOGRAPHIC]

Written by Lor Melvin
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Continuous improvement is essential for a modern warehouse to support growing direct-to-consumer initiatives, continued labor scarcity, and certain safety risks. Warehouse managers are acutely aware they must optimize oversight of labor and space to operate efficiently and mitigate order fulfillment complexities for our customers. Equally as important is the safety and satisfaction of our warehouse employees, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak.

To elevate warehouse technology, productivity, and personnel safety and satisfaction, we incorporated automated robotics from 6 River Systems. Read on to understand how the “Chucks, as we call them, improve our operations and processes.

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Blog was originally posted on November 18, 2020 6 AM

Topics: Supply Chain, Logistics, Distribution, Warehousing

Lor Melvin

Written by Lor Melvin

Lor Melvin joined Expeditors more than 17 years ago and has held a variety of supply chain management positions within the organization. Over his 22 year career in global logistics, he has worked with customers throughout the world to develop high-performance transportation, distribution and compliance operations across a range of industry sectors. As the current Global Director of Distribution Services, he oversees the solution design and business development strategies for the distribution and warehousing product at Expeditors. His responsibilities include helping customers achieve best-in-class status from both a strategic and operational perspective for their global fulfillment programs. Lor earned his Bachelor’s degree in Political Economics from University of California, Berkeley and a Masters degree in International Affairs from Georgetown University. Lor is based in Seattle, Washington at the Expeditors’ corporate headquarters.

2 minute read