How Customs Data Can Benefit Your Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

Written by Dave Knowlton
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Automation of customs declarations is a trending topic in our industry. Typically, the shipment details contained within the physical documentation are sourced from various locations, including manufacturers, sellers, buyers, carriers, freight forwarders, and importers. This information then needs to be combined with required Customs reference data to create a declaration. Ultimately, understanding the best source of information and how to utilize it in the declaration process will drive efficiency and increase compliance.

Below we highlight a broad range of technology solutions to leverage the data you provide, keep the data intact as it is applied throughout the Customs process, and provide advanced analytics to improve your business.

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Expeditors’ technology tools allow for customizable and flexible customs data solutions to fit your needs. Reach out to an expert now. 


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Blog was originally posted on June 10, 2020 9 AM

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Dave Knowlton

Written by Dave Knowlton

2 minute read