Expeditors Launches Updated Sustainability Report

Written by Marlena Blonsky
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At Expeditors, we launched our first Sustainability Report in 2016. Since then, the landscape we all operate in has changed significantly. Indeed, the operating environment for companies has changed so much that the Business Roundtable released an updated “Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation” in August of 2019. The updated Business Roundtable Statement emphasizes the importance of all stakeholders in a corporation.

What hasn’t changed over the past four years is Expeditors’ commitment to our sustainability efforts. As you’ll see with our updated Sustainability Report highlighting our Environmental, Social, and Governance programs, the core of our ESG programs is our culture. As our CEO, Jeff Musser, says in his opening letter, “Sustainability remains of utmost importance, not only because it is the right thing to do, but because it enables us to make good business decisions.”

Take a look at our ESG video to learn more about what we value as a company: 


We invite you to explore our new Sustainability Report, which covers in detail our Environmental, Social (consisting of Social Responsibility and Security, Health & Safety), and Governance programs (i.e., “ESG”). Some of the highlights you’ll discover:

  • How we, as a non-asset based freight forwarder, track our energy and utility usage across our global network;
  • That we offer a paid volunteer day as a part of our compensation package for all US employees;
  • That, in 2019, our Security, Health and Safety teams continued to test our business continuity program, an effort in planning and contingency thinking that has gained heightened importance in the current COVID-19 pandemic; and
  • How we structure our governance program, including our ESG Committee, quarterly meetings, and oversight by our Board of Directors.

For us at Expeditors, the call to action for all of our ESG programs is to focus on concrete activities that make a difference to our stakeholders, including our customers, our employees, our service providers, our communities, and our investors. We hope that our new, updated Sustainability Report will help you learn more about our sustainability story and join us on the journey.



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Blog was originally posted on March 24, 2020 10 AM

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