South Korea Trucker Union Strike – November 30, 2022

Posted by Expeditors on Nov 30, 2022 2:13:02 PM

Unionized truckers in South Korea have begun their strike on November 24th demanding an extension of a freight rate system guaranteeing a basic wage and better labor rights

The strike continues as the Cargo Solidarity Truckers Union and government officials failed to reach a compromise during the first round of negotiations, and despite the President’s executive order for the truckers in the cement industry to return to work on Nov 29th.   

Cargo trucks are parked at the entrance of main ports such as Pusan, Kwangyang, Incheon and Bukok ICD and around 25,000 members of the Union, around 33% of total truck capability in South Korea participate in the protest.  

For the moment, ocean carriers have not suspended their services to South Korea. We continue to monitor the situation as it evolves.

Please reach out to your Expeditors representative for more information.


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