Quarantine processing delays in Australia: May 24, 2021

Posted by Expeditors on May 23, 2021 9:15:05 PM

The Importing community is currently experiencing long delays with documentation processing through Australian Quarantine .

In order to avoid additional costs and delays after arrival, the Department of Agriculture is asking Brokers to submit documents as early as possible. The current processing time is approximately seven to ten days.

We do encourage all our clients and their suppliers to provide Import documentation at the earliest time. Inevitably in some cases this is going to lead to additional holding costs.

The Department of Agriculture has issued an Industry Notice 93-2021 on this matter.

Our global Brokerage process does focus on upstream clearance procedures so we are not challenged to submit documents early, however If you have any influence or control over shipping documents, your co-operation to provide these to us timely would be much appreciated at this time.

For the full announcement from the Department of Agriculture, click here.

Contact your local Expeditors representative for more information and operational assistance.

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