European Union-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement

Posted by Marta Gargallo on 4/19/24 5:00 PM

The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the European Union (EU) and New Zealand will enter into force on May 1, 2024, and seeks to improve trade between the regions.

The import tariffs to New Zealand from the EU will be eliminated beginning May 1, 2024. The import tariffs to the EU from New Zealand will be eliminated gradually as detailed in Appendix 2-A-1 of the FTA. 91% of the tariffs which represent New Zealand’s current trade with the EU will be eliminated on May 1, 2024. Further tariff eliminations up to 97% of the trade from New Zealand to the EU will be gradually eliminated over 3 to 5 years. A Tariff Rate Quota will be in place to protect sensitive EU agricultural products such as beef and dairy.

In order to claim benefits under the FTA, proof of preferential origin must be evidenced by either a statement of origin as per EU and New Zealand internal requirements or the importer’s knowledge that the product is.

The link to the FTA Agreement between the EU and New Zealand can be found here:
Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and New Zealand (

The link to the European Commission page  regarding the EU-New Zealand Trade Agreement:
EU-New Zealand (

The link to the New Zealand Government page regarding the EU-New Zealand Trade Agreement:
New Zealand-European Union Free Trade Agreement | New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (

The link to the EU Council press release:
EU-New Zealand: Council gives final green light to free trade agreement - Consilium (

The link to the New Zealand press release can be found here:
NZ-EU FTA gains Royal Assent for 1 May entry to force |

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