EU Adopts 13th Package of Economic Sanctions on Russia

Posted by Michael Gawollek on 2/26/24 5:00 PM

In a press release published on February 23, 2024, the European Council announced the adoption of Council Regulation (EU) 2024/745, making it the 13th package of sanctions against Russia. This package focuses on further limiting Russia's access to military technologies, such as drones, and lists additional companies and individuals involved in Russia's war effort.

Key elements of this sanction package include:

  • Restrictive measures on 106 individuals and 88 entities responsible for actions undermining the sovereignty of Ukraine;
  • Adding 27 Russian and third-party-country companies to the list of entities associated with Russia's military-industrial complex;
  • Expanding the list of advanced technology items that may contribute to Russia's military and technological enhancement or the development of its defense and security sector, such as components used for the development and production of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV); and
  • The addition of the United Kingdom to a list of partner countries that have applied a set of restrictive measures on imports of iron and steel from Russia, and a set of import control measures that are substantially equivalent to those of the EU.

The press release from the Council of the EU can be found here:

Council Regulation (EU) 2024/745 of 23 February 2024 can be found here:

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