Three Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Project Forwarder

Written by Pat Roche
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3 Things to Keep in Mind

Selecting the right project forwarder for your business is vital to your supply chain management. One delay can turn into two delays and two delays can turn into added costs and missed deadlines. It is important to ensure your partner is aligned with your company’s goals and someone you can trust to keep your business moving.

Here are three things to keep in mind when you are choosing the best project provider for you:

  1. Compliance Driven

Collaborating with a company that has a comprehensive compliance program should be valued at the top of your list. Without an effective compliance program to manage regulations and restrictions worldwide, goods cannot smoothly proceed through the customs production cycle within predictable and efficient times. Proper classification of goods, value construction, and effective information for “after-market” activities, including additional duty and tax recovery, saves companies time and money.

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  1. Global Footprint

With a global footprint, end-to-end solutions create and meet the same consistency from origin through to destination. Providing reliable communication and visibility throughout the project life cycle gives you the confidence that your freight is being managed with constant oversight. Both global and local expertise ensures permitting and local laws are followed, guaranteeing environmental restrictions do not cause delays and ultimately providing seamless door-to-door solutions.

  1. Experience

The project industry carries endless risk and complexities. Choosing a partner that has experience moving large, over-dimensional, heavy-lift, and complex freight gives you comfort that your shipment is safe. The likelihood to execute and deliver unique solutions increases with real life experiences and knowledge of the industry. When handling high-value and sensitive freight, experience makes all the difference.  

Supply chains are an endless circle of moving parts. Find a project provider with an in-depth compliance program, a vast global footprint, and years of experience that supports your cargo’s sensitive time schedule.

When multi-million dollar freight is involved, why take the risk?

Expeditors has the knowledge, the network, and the experience to handle your freight and the complexities involved. Contact Expeditors to see if we are the right fit for you.

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Blog was originally posted on August 9, 2018 5 AM
Pat Roche

Written by Pat Roche

With over 25 years of experience in the logistics industry, Pat Roche runs the Project & Energy Services group at Expeditors. Since graduating from the NY Maritime Academy, Pat’s experience ranging from maritime operations to logistics management, on both the shipper and forwarder side, made him the ideal candidate to build a project focused group within Expeditors. He has spent the past 12 years growing a global team of project subject matter experts and has embedded them within 40 Expeditors offices around the world. The team continues to grow today in order to properly accommodate and manage this extremely complex arena of the transportation industry. In addition, Pat’s personal experience as a Navy veteran drives him to lead the company’s military recruiting effort, Opportunity Knocks for Veterans.

2 minute read