The Power of Total Container Management with Carrier Allocation

Written by Staci Alalem-Clark
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Total Container Management comprises three distinct solutions designed to tackle specific supply chain challenges. Each service can stand alone, or seamlessly integrate to improve the process of planning, booking, and delivery. Shippers can strategically plan and forecast the movement of their goods, ensuring they are assigned to the optimal ocean carrier and sailing. This allows them to secure the necessary capacity ahead of booking, streamlining the entire supply chain journey. Carrier Allocation is the first solution utilized in the Total Container Management process.

Carrier Allocation ensures goods arrive on time by addressing the challenges of managing the ocean market. Shippers must provide accurate forecasts to carriers, going beyond historical data. Real-time collaboration is necessary to secure capacity for future sailings.

Carrier Allocation is a platform that forecasts, plans, and connects shippers and forwarders with ocean carriers in advance of shipping to determine the optimal flow of goods. The platform enables shippers and forwarders to proactively create and execute shipping plans and direct orders or order types to specific carriers and vessel strings.

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The platform's configurable business rules enable shippers to quickly respond to market conditions and manage complexities at origin and destination, improving the flow of goods. Shippers and carriers collaborate on space, sharing insights and analytics for more accurate forecasts and optimal capacity planning.

Carrier Allocation’s benefits include:

  • Managing freight spending better
  • Improving shipper lead-time precision
  • Expanding metrics for carrier commitments
  • Developing transportation process enhancements

Watch our video on Carrier Allocation to learn more.

This advanced forecasting and planning allow shippers to manage freight spending effectively, improve lead-time precision, and hold carriers accountable for reliable and efficient transportation. With real-time collaboration, improved visibility, and enhanced metrics, this platform paves the way for a new era of supply chain management.

Discover the remaining two solutions of the comprehensive Total Container Management process and delve deeper into the world of streamlined supply chain solutions. 


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Blog was originally posted on October 26, 2023 7 AM

Topics: Logistics, Order Management, Delivery Management, Carrier Allocation, Total Container Management

Staci Alalem-Clark

Written by Staci Alalem-Clark

Senior Manager - Carrier Allocation, a technology platform of Expeditors. Carrier Allocation is a web-portal that forecasts, plans and connects customers, carriers and forwarders to ensure cargo arrives at the right place, at the right time.

3 minute read