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A.C.E.S technology enables the pursuit of the autonomous vehicles (self-driving vehicle), where connectivity integrates with the new business model designed around alternative power, electrification, and shared riding is prioritized.

With the expansion of the technology, any form of mobility should be easy. A popular form of mobility, ‘shared riding,’ shows the trend of accessing a range of mobility options that are made simpler, stress-free, and cost-effective. Car sharing is not new, with providers offering ride-hailing for some time, attracting new entrants with innovative solutions for e-bikes and scooters. These options are for both personal and commercial use. and are widely offered as an alternative in major cities.

Sub trends such as subscription-based vehicles offer consumers a choice, providing a new revenue stream for manufacturers with small vehicles, known as microcars, a viable option for short-term use. At the same time, providing an environmental solution with an increase of electric and hybrid models available, meeting Sustainable Urban Mobility targets amongst transport planners keen on developing urban mobility as a viable possibility for vehicle ownership.

We fast forward to new entrants increasing the choice, different price points, and an entire range of RV mobility, even diversifying into the campervan sector. These entrants enable the leisure industry to benefit from a shared business model and digitalize the experience using online platforms and bookings made easy using phone technology applications.

The monetization benefits and revenue streams of reusing the data from all forms of mobility have the power to incentivize businesses to upsell other services and products through digital platforms. These benefits satisfy the trend of environmental tracking and emission controls. While legalization is in place to protect consumers under data protection laws, the trend is on an upward trajectory.

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Blog was originally posted on June 29, 2022 7 AM

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Automotive & Mobility

Written by Automotive & Mobility

At Expeditors, we understand the shift to mobility incorporating technology in automotive supply chains continues to drive the need for change. The demand for autonomous, connected, electrified, and shared driving relies on logistics expertise and the capability to respond to the expectations of manufacturers, the aftermarket industry, and suppliers around the world. Expeditors vertical solutions keep supply chain operations efficient and on time using real-time technology, combining agile processes and industry expertise to service customers in all mobility sectors. Expeditors Vertical team provides the specialist industry knowledge aligned to the supply chain needs of our customers around the world. Our wide-ranging vertical strategy provides the logistics solutions to exceed the needs of the next generation of Expeditors automotive and mobility business partners.

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