Optimizing Retail Store Replenishment

Written by Blake Bell
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Optimizing Retail Store Replenishment

There are many challenges that managers face when it comes to incoming replenishment shipments. Some of the factors may be inconvenient delivery times, the lack of space to unpack and scan new items, or even receiving a product that is already fully stocked.

These factors can also create stressful situations for the store manager and potentially clutter the store, both of which cause an unpleasant shopping experience for customers.

The ability to quickly choose which retail items get delivered and when is incredibly important to the success of store operations. It can be achieved by using a storage solution that places items very near stores in a secure and highly organized facility prior to the last mile delivery.

This is called forward stocking. Store managers are able to optimize and adjust the flow of product into stores based on their individual needs.

Benefits of Forward Stocking:

  • Tailored Delivery Schedules
    • Ability to have delivery appointments fit staffing, store, and facility schedules instead of delivery schedules dictated by trucking companies
  • On-Demand Inventory
    • Products or items located near the store for on-demand delivery
    • Visibility to what is on-hand near the store and what items are on their way from a distribution center
  • Local Customer Service
    • Customized daily interaction with dedicated customer service employees – no automated phone service –who understand store requirements
      • Includes urgent phone calls, emails, text messaging service
    • Quick & Efficient Deliveries
      • Multiple laborers to help deliver large shipments
      • Debris removal and cleanup
      • Facility knowledge for fast “in & out” service
      • Short lead times accepted

When selecting a strategic partner to work with make sure they can provide you with the best forward stocking services possible.

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Blog was originally posted on August 2, 2018 9 AM
Blake Bell

Written by Blake Bell

Blake Bell has been the Senior Vice President, Global Transcon since October 2015. He is responsible for the strategy and development of Expeditors’ Global Transcon product. He is actively involved with the company’s procurement process, as well as the development of its Ground Network Services. He also currently acts as executive sponsor for several of the company’s biggest accounts.

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