Introducing Expeditors' New Facility in Brussels

Written by Patrick Spooren
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We continue to invest in our infrastructure in a fast-growing market and ongoing demand from our customers. Expeditors BRU, in the heart of Europe, opened our most innovative temperature-controlled warehouse across the globe.

Innovative Design

Brussels is the gateway to Europe. With its geographical location in the heart of the big pharma industry, we decided to invest in an innovatively designed, state-of-the-art temperature-controlled warehouse.

This facility is strategically located with first-line access to the runway at Brussels Airport. this gives us the ability to load and unload aircrafts directly from the tarmac and handle high-quality temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products.

The facility is designed and equipped with redundant mechanical systems and backup power. It has controlled room temperature capabilities with attributes that comply with all Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines and requirements.

Besides healthcare goods, the facility also has another unit for general cargo to handle a wide range of shipments, including discreet, high-value products.

A True Upgrade

We combined more than 140,000 square feet of operations in our main warehouse to enhance efficiency and productivity. The workspace maximizes our flexibility to accommodate specific logistics needs. This larger space also enables us to bring separate teams together into one building, improving our collaboration capabilities.

This new facility offers temperature-controlled cross-docking and consolidation program services. In addition, we offer a wide range of active and passive packaging solutions with the latest temperature tracking devices.

With our direct tarmac access and the capability to build up our ULD’s in a temperature-controlled environment, we can control and load aircrafts when time is of the essence, which is a true upgrade and unique service in the market.

Our new facility in Brussels is an example of how we continue to invest in our network with the customer in mind so that we keep your freight moving faster and safer. 

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Blog was originally posted on May 4, 2022 1 PM

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Patrick Spooren

Written by Patrick Spooren

District Sales Manager Belux

3 minute read