How Successful is Your Customs Strategy? [VIDEO]

Written by Dave Knowlton
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Are delays in the customs clearance process affecting your shipments or commitments to your customers? We often hear that maneuvering through the sea of customs regulations and requirements can be confusing and taxing. Shippers need to have a defined customs strategy to navigate the complexities involved with importing or exporting correctly.

What contributes to a successful customs strategy?

Global Infrastructure

We believe it is essential to find a customs broker with locations where you and your customers do business. At Expeditors, we strategically have licensed brokers and specialists where our customers need us. By offering customs brokerage services in addition to or independent of transportation services, customers receive local expertise, value-added services, dedicated resources, and timely and predictable service. Additionally, our customs professionals all operate on a single platform, which ensures consistency and transparency.

Knowledge-based Service

What good is a global network if you do not have access to trusted advisors, though? Complexities can be abundant when cargo is imported and exported, and you need a partner to guide you through this process. We pride ourselves on being a knowledge-based organization that offers a consultative approach to our customers. As it relates to customs brokerage, our value is in the investment and development of our people. Substantial resources are provided to achieve technical and compliance expertise, and we make a concerted effort to understand changes in regulations, legislation, and programs that could affect our customers.


Without question, operating lawfully and compliantly should be fundamental to any customs strategy. Companies need to seek out a brokerage partner that prioritizes supply chain compliance or the consequences could be severe. Expeditors continuously educates our employees of their local market’s often-changing regulations and requirements and encourages employees to use that knowledge to identify potential opportunities for compliance improvements. Also, we maintain and regularly review our internal controls to ensure we have the proper governance in place.


Compliantly processing declarations is the standard service of customs brokers, but you should have a partner that delivers additional value. An example of this is cost reduction through duty and tax minimization programs and mitigating other costs associated with managing and maintaining customs compliance. Our value-added solutions address opportunities and exceptions identified in filing customs declarations, supply chain security, compliance, risk management, and monitoring by using customer-focused applications, tools, processes, and systems. 

Government Outreach

Staying connected and relevant with government agencies can bring tremendous value to shippers. Expeditors’ goal is to be known and respected by these agencies and contribute to pushing the customs and compliance industry forward. We participate in pilot programs and projects with several customs and government agencies in locations where we offer brokerage services. By participating in pilots and programs, we can represent the best interests of our customers to better the customs process globally. 


A tailored customs and compliance program can shave costs, time, and effort off your supply chain process. Contact your local Expeditors representative to discuss your customs strategy today. 



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Blog was originally posted on September 22, 2021 7 AM

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Dave Knowlton

Written by Dave Knowlton

3 minute read