How Order Management Connects the Total Container Management Process

Written by Sean MacCorkle
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Total Container Management combines three distinct solutions to address specific supply chain challenges. Each service can stand alone or seamlessly integrate to improve the process of planning, booking, and delivering ocean containers. Order Management is the second solution in the Total Container Mangement process. Order Management utilizes technology and the expertise of Expeditors network to perform the traditional “origin forwarding” portion of container management, leveraging your order data to optimize your supply chain and successfully adapt as needed. If you know what’s happening across your supply chain, and especially before containers are on the water, you can solve issues before they cause a disruption. By tying your order data to the forwarding information through an integrated, carrier-agnostic solution we keep your orders moving as scheduled and help you successfully plan for the future.

Order Management drives visibility that starts upstream by mapping your order data to downstream deliverables. This visibility enables upstream supplier management, business rule-based booking procedures, in-transit item-level visibility, and order-item delivery prioritization capabilities.  
By aligning with Expeditors Carrier Allocation services, Order Management ensures that shippers book as planned against required ship windows, moving bookings on optimal sailing dates and schedules. Then, when paired with Delivery Management you gain visibility to plan and track container deliveries. With Carrier Allocation at the front end, Order Management in the middle, and Delivery Management at the backend you can rest assured our people, process, and technology will optimize your supply chain.

Integrated End-to-End Solution-Control

Order Management Benefits Include:

  • Real-time visibility and management of vendor and shipment activity against business requirements
  • Application of carrier-agreed allocations to actual ocean bookings
  • Global Order-Item Visibility within each container, initiating the destination Delivery Management at the same level
  • Data-driven ASN and Supporting Milestone Data Integrations
  • Robust Supply Chain Data Analytics
  • Increased responsiveness to shifts in Inventory and Production Changes
  • Efficient, Comprehensive Supplier Booking Portal

By utilizing Expeditors Order Management services, you create predictability through upstream visibility and control of your booking process, saving you time and money across your global business. Watch how Order Management empowers you to be proactive about your supply chain and take control before issues arise. 
Discover the remaining solutions of the comprehensive Total Container Management process and delve deeper into the world of streamlined supply chain solutions.


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Blog was originally posted on December 6, 2023 7 AM

Topics: Logistics, Order Management, Delivery Management, Carrier Allocation, Total Container Management

Sean MacCorkle

Written by Sean MacCorkle

Sean MacCorkle is the Director of Global Order Management for Expeditors, where he has worked for 25 years. Sean graduated from the University of Washington in 1990 and received his Leadership Executive MBA from Seattle University in 2012.

3 minute read