How Delivery Management Completes Total Container Management

Written by Robert Slettvet
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Total Container Management combines three distinct solutions to address specific supply chain challenges. Each service can stand alone or seamlessly integrate to improve the process of planning, booking, and delivering ocean containers. Delivery Management is the third and final step in the Total Container Management process. Delivery Management utilizes technology and the expertise of the Expeditors network to provide visibility to all ocean container activity from vessel departure through delivery and return of the empty container at destination. Delivery Management’s active exception management throughout the container lifecycle allows you to proactively address potential issues before they arise. By providing container visibility and active management further upstream, Delivery Management helps create predictability around the delivery process. This allows you to easily identify and prioritize critical product, plan for warehouse space and labor, and minimize any potential demurrage and detention. Delivery Management provides the final mile visibility to tie the entire integrated, carrier-agnostic, Total Container Management Process together.  


We leverage vessel GPS data to provide real-time ETA’s and terminal information to provide the current and accurate status of every container. By utilizing the preferred arrival window data from Carrier Allocation, Delivery Management helps ensure containers are picked up and delivered as close as possible to the original plan. Lastly, when paired with Order Management, you gain visibility down to the SKU level, allowing you to easily identify the product in each container. This leads to proactive planning for prioritization of critical product and the ability to schedule warehouse labor far in advance of arrival. With Carrier Allocation upstream, Order Management controlling origin activity, and Delivery Management tying it all together at destination, you can rest assured our people, process, and technology will optimize your supply chain.


Delivery Management Benefits Include:

  • Real-time visibility, tracking, and management of container ETA’s and availability upon arrival at destination
  • Application of trucker-agreed allocations to actual deliveries
  • Mitigation of controllable spend (Detention, Demurrage, Wait Time, etc.)
  • Robust Supply Chain Data Analytics
  • Active exception management and oversight
  • Efficient, Comprehensive Destination management portal

By utilizing Expeditors Delivery Management services, you create predictability throughout the delivery process, saving you time and money across your global business. Watch how Delivery Management provides active management and oversight of all destination activity.


Discover the remaining solutions of the comprehensive Total Container Management process and delve deeper into the world of streamlined supply chain solutions.

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Blog was originally posted on January 17, 2024 7 AM

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Robert Slettvet

Written by Robert Slettvet

Rob Slettvet is the Senior Manager of Global Delivery Management. In this global position, Rob is entrusted with the continued development of the vision and strategy of our Delivery Management program. With a comprehensive understanding of Brokerage, Ocean, and Order Management, Rob's unique blend of skills and experience positions him to elevate the Delivery Management program to new heights. Rob's journey at Expeditors began in 2012 as a Cargo Claims Agent in the Risk Management team. Over the years, he showcased his dedication and proficiency, earning promotions and expanding his responsibilities. His success in roles such as Order Management Supervisor, Manager of the Chicago Order Management department, and Order Management Manager in Seattle, where he also took charge of Ocean Export, exemplifies his commitment to flawless execution and business development. A Pacific Northwest native and a graduate of Western Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts in Operations Management, Rob's achievements are further underscored by his IATA/FIATA certification and completion of the Expeditors Leadership Platform and Supervisor Curriculum.

4 minute read