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Supplier release management is a process used to develop an optimized inbound logistics flow, provide integrated control, and allow total visibility. Through our global Order Management excellence and knowledge, we understand the need to adapt to our customers' industry and business language. Our well established order management tools, operating a single global platform, allows for multiple suppliers to coordinate on transparent decision-making, shipment/part level information, accurate data analyses, and live dashboards. 

At Expeditors, our Automotive & Mobility team works to be industry differentiators and offer solutions amongst the challenges manufacturers face in the world of supply chain. Supplier release management takes common logistics challenges, such as visibility, expedited freight, part supplier management, and compliance, and allows manufacturers to tackle these with confidence,

Working with our supplier release management platform accomplishes six main solutions:

  • Shipment and part-level visibility
  • Access to real-time information
  • Escalation support 
  • Part level management
  • Business dictated alerts
  • Under agreement 24/7, 365 vigilance 

Where supplier release management steps in:

Expeditors provides upstream visibility at part level to enhance inventory planning and receiving, proactive visibility to deliveries in process and trend areas of supplier performance, and maintain a compliant supply chain, enabling the reliable and timely flow of goods. 

Through these solutions come the benefits, such as monitoring in-transit exceptions, improved consolidation and fulfillment, lower excess inventories, and proactive analytics. With these benefits, you can eliminate dependence on your manual system updates, help load planning, increase optimization, gain visibility and control over shortages ahead of time, and empower key stakeholders to make proactive decisions. These solutions also enable consolidation and grant optimization opportunities, making Integrated LCL Consolidation accessible and feasible.  

By leveraging value-added solutions, integrated control of inbound supply chains, and customer enhancement, our seamless door-to-door global logistics solutions and supplier release management tools will support your global sourcing, transportation, customs, and distribution needs. 

Follow along in our Inbound Logistics series to read more about our strategies and how we work to provide innovative solutions to prepare our customers for the expansion of mobility.


Blog was originally posted on March 20, 2023 7 AM

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Automotive & Mobility

Written by Automotive & Mobility

At Expeditors, we understand the shift to mobility incorporating technology in automotive supply chains continues to drive the need for change. The demand for autonomous, connected, electrified, and shared driving relies on logistics expertise and the capability to respond to the expectations of manufacturers, the aftermarket industry, and suppliers around the world. Expeditors vertical solutions keep supply chain operations efficient and on time using real-time technology, combining agile processes and industry expertise to service customers in all mobility sectors. Expeditors Vertical team provides the specialist industry knowledge aligned to the supply chain needs of our customers around the world. Our wide-ranging vertical strategy provides the logistics solutions to exceed the needs of the next generation of Expeditors automotive and mobility business partners.

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