Nicolaas Beehler

As Director of Tradeflow®️, Nicolaas helps companies navigate the complexity of international trade regulations. With Tradeflow, he assists companies to efficiently cross customs borders through the aid of software. This requires a focus on the trade data tied to the physical movement of goods.
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Practical Trade Management for a Complex World

From the moment you source your goods to the moment they’re delivered to your customers, you’re navigating complex requirements and protocols. With so

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Assessing New Commodity Regulations When Supply Chains Shift

In a previous article, we looked at the change in supplier and customer relationships that have occurred in recent times. Changes in these business

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Vetting New Suppliers and Customers When Supply Chains Shift

In 2020, we’ve seen unprecedented disruption of goods moving from manufacturers to their ultimate destination - a customer’s warehouse or store. The onset

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Using Trade Data Management to Mitigate Delays with Brexit

On January 31, 2020, the United Kingdom officially left the European Union. Until the end of 2020, the UK and EU will be in a transition period. Starting

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The Importance of Managing Customs Data Elements Upstream

Like salmon swimming up the river to find a place to spawn, it benefits importers to look at the flow of shipments, ultimately to move upstream to gather

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Five Ways Trade Software Helps You Keep up with Tariff and other Regulatory Changes [VIDEO]

There have been quite a number of changes this year in the regulatory and trade management area, making it difficult to keep up.

Companies who have gone

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