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What can it do for you? 

Tradeflow is a web-based software suite designed by Expeditors for use by customers. Its solutions provide tools to help importers and exporters gain more control of the global logistics supply chain through visibility and data management.

Divided into integrated modules, or Centres, Tradeflow facilitates activities such as global product classification, landed cost estimation, compliance management, electronic booking, document creation and restricted party screening.

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Michael Bellezza

Vice President, Tradewin

As international trade and its related regulations get more and more complicated, our classification customers increasingly need a tool to help manage their trade data in and out of a variety of global markets.  Tradeflow offers an excellent solution that can be set up quickly and inexpensively, that works with a variety of service providers, and does not require a long-term contract.  It is a simple solution to many complex supply chains.


Mike Mazzarella

Brokerage Manager, Expeditors

There is an old saying “A hammer is the most important tool in the tool box – unless of course you need a screwdriver.” I think about this when considering the wide array of needs our customers have.  If we are only able to offer them a hammer, we are not going to meet the needs of the customers that require a screwdriver.  Tradeflow allows us to provide our customers with a suite of tools to address a number of their supply chain needs.  They get to decide which Tradeflow suites to add into their toolbox - we get to offer them meaningful and diverse solutions.