China Announces Decision to Impose Additional Tariffs on Goods of U.S. Origin

Posted by Matt Schmitt on 8/10/18 5:00 PM
On August 3, 2018, the Chinese Ministry of Finance announced additional tariffs on goods of U.S. origin worth approximately $60 Billion in US dollars. 

The tariff increases range from 5% to 25% on 5,207 items in four separate annexes:

  • Annex 1 consists of 2493 HS Headings with an additional 25% tariff;

  • Annex 2 consists of 1078 HS Headings with an additional 20% tariff;

  • Annex 3 consists of 974 HS Headings with an additional 10% tariff;

  • Annex 4 consists of 662 HS Headings with an additional 5% tariff.

The implementation date will be announced separately.


The original Chinese announcement may be found here:

The annexes may be found here:

Annex 1:

Annex 2:

Annex 3:

Annex 4:


Google translated versions of the announcement and annexes may be found here:


Annex 1

Annex 2

Annex 3

Annex 4

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