Expeditors Introduces New Cutting-Edge Carrier Allocation Platform

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Expeditors Carrier Allocation is a cloud-based collaboration platform that forecasts, plans, and connects shippers and forwarders with ocean carriers in advance of shipping to determine the most optimal flow of products. 

The platform enables shippers and forwarders to proactively create and optimize executable shipping plans, as well as direct orders or particular order types to specific carriers and vessel strings.

Shippers and carriers can collaborate directly on space, and share insights and analytics on forecasting accuracy, carrier flexibility, shortfalls, and disruptions.

Additionally, the platform drives carrier visibility for more accurate and timely forecasts, enabling optimal capacity planning.

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Expeditors and Walmart anticipated the tremendous value that a forecasting and allocation platform could bring to the supply chain process and decided to bring it to market.

“Expeditors Carrier Allocation exemplifies the innovation and cutting edge technology that our industry requires. The impact of technology built by the people who execute the job to be done every single day cannot be overstated. We are exceptionally proud to work with Walmart on this venture. Its dedication to eliminating waste in supply chain processes and commitment to partnerships with its long-term service providers is what made this vision a reality.” 

-Dan Wall, Expeditors, President of Global Products

Expeditors Carrier Allocation is now available to the industry as an independent solution available to shippers.

The benefits of this innovative platform include the ability to better manage freight spend, improve shipper lead-time precision, expand metrics for carrier commitments, and develop process enhancements. This advanced level of forecasting and planning can revolutionize supply chains and transportation efficiency.

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Written by Expeditors

1 minute read