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Inbound to manufacturing is a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates suppliers' and manufacturers' data to create transparency across global supply chains. This high-level process requires an integrated, connected, and real-time network, from sourcing and transporting parts and raw materials to the manufacturing plant or assembly facility. 

At Expeditors, our Automotive & Mobility team uses core transportation integrated with digital solutions that create value, allow access to overall visibility, and provide key information which enables our teams to attend to critical stakeholder needs. We understand the importance of material and part-level information flows moving at the same pace in real time.

Inbound to manufacturing presents opportunities for supply chain advancement through:

  • Value-Added Solutions
  • Supply Chain Integration
  • Customer Enhancement

These supply chain advancement opportunities are a part of our extensive network knowledge. Our dedicated teams, global coverage, and supported automotive centers of excellence are all part of our value-added solutions. Working with our extensive network also provides supply chain integration with industry-specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), real-time visibility, exception management procedures, and global accreditation ISO 9001 and NQC automotive certification. You will receive full customer enhancement services with a full suite of system integration capabilities and equipped core transportation. Monitor your lead time performance to production needs by date, utilize a wide range of customized metrics, capacity initiatives, and global consolidation centers, and gain access to continuous improvement processes and waste elimination.  

With a steady upcoming year in the industry, we can expect a variety of management shifts in:

Follow along in our Inbound Logistics series to read more about our strategies and how we work to provide innovative solutions to prepare our customers for the expansion of mobility.


Blog was originally posted on February 21, 2023 7 AM

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Automotive & Mobility

Written by Automotive & Mobility

At Expeditors, we understand the shift to mobility incorporating technology in automotive supply chains continues to drive the need for change. The demand for autonomous, connected, electrified, and shared driving relies on logistics expertise and the capability to respond to the expectations of manufacturers, the aftermarket industry, and suppliers around the world. Expeditors vertical solutions keep supply chain operations efficient and on time using real-time technology, combining agile processes and industry expertise to service customers in all mobility sectors. Expeditors Vertical team provides the specialist industry knowledge aligned to the supply chain needs of our customers around the world. Our wide-ranging vertical strategy provides the logistics solutions to exceed the needs of the next generation of Expeditors automotive and mobility business partners.

4 minute read