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Written by Blake Bell
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Data centers host the core piece of IT infrastructure supporting modern-day businesses: servers and server racks. As data centers implement newer technology and others are being created to meet expanding demand, it is critical businesses have a supply chain partner that understands the care, complexity, coordination, and security requirements to manage the transportation, delivery, and removal of valuable data center assets.

Secure Delivery Processes

When picking up and delivering into data centers, IT assets must be routed to minimize touchpoints – this reduces the chances of damage and increases the ability to meet transit time requirements.

Prior to delivery by Expeditors, a pre-site checklist is completed at the data center. This pre-site checklist confirms what delivery services will be performed, appointment times, contacts, and escalation paths, and identifies any location-specific requirements, including security protocols, equipment restrictions, and safety concerns. Our vetted white glove service providers execute deliveries with extensive experience transporting and delivering servers and other valuable cargo into data centers.

End-of-Life IT Decommissioning and Hardware Disposition

Asset removal from data centers can, in some cases, be even more complex than the initial delivery. For used assets that may be resold, refurbished, or recycled, it is important to package them appropriately to minimize potential damage and maintain value. Used assets that will be recycled or decommissioned are often governed by regulations that require oversite of the transportation, disposition, and documentation of these goods. Additionally, used IT assets typically house sensitive data that necessitates either the erasure of this data on-site, destruction on-site, or enhanced security during transport.

We have extensive data center-specific asset recovery processes that ensure used assets move securely, safely, and in compliance with all regulations.

Evaluating the End-to-End Supply Chain

The transport and delivery into data centers has been the primary focus of many data center supply chains, but there is a growing focus on the recovery and disposition of used assets. Often, in technology supply chains, there are delineations of responsibilities that separate deliveries of new technology from the removal of these assets. However, if data centers use the same logistics provider to deliver and remove assets, this synergy will increase service and decrease cost.

The improved performance comes from previous experience with the data center at the time of delivery. Our local office will already have contacts established when it is time to remove assets, and the pre-site checklists used for the delivery can inform requirements on the asset removal.

The decreased costs can come from recovering and storing packaging when servers are delivered to the site. The original packaging is reused when removing assets for resale or refurbishment, putting extra money back in our customer’s pocket.

Comprehensive Data Center Services

We have over 20 years of experience servicing data centers, including coordinating the delivery of hundreds of servers for a new data center, delivering servers into already established COLO or cloud sites, and managing asset recovery and disposition.

We utilize a global network of locations powered by origin and destination customer service, consistent processes, and white glove service provider partnerships to ensure that valuable technology assets are delivered securely, on time, and free of damage.

All of these points allow for seamless transitions into new markets, end-to-end visibility of cargo in transit, and local pickup and delivery expertise to ensure proper coordination, transportation, and escalation. Our similar asset recovery processes ensure used assets move securely, safely, and in compliance with all regulations. Moreover, if data centers use Expeditors for both the delivery and asset recovery, there are proven service and cost benefits.

To learn more about how we can help simplify and improve your data center supply chain, contact your local Expeditors office today.

Data Center Services Overview

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Blake Bell

Written by Blake Bell

Blake Bell has been the Senior Vice President, Global Transcon since October 2015. He is responsible for the strategy and development of Expeditors’ Global Transcon product. He is actively involved with the company’s procurement process, as well as the development of its Ground Network Services. He also currently acts as executive sponsor for several of the company’s biggest accounts.

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